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Sulphitation. The filtered juice of 2 saturation is exposed to sulphitation - to processing by the sulfitatsionny gas containing 10-12% of SO thus decreases juice to 8,5-8,7, its viscosity decreases. A basic purpose of sulphitation - decrease in chromaticity of juice due to blocking by sulphurous gas of hromoforny groups of the painted connections with their transformation into colourless leykosoyedineniye and sterilization.

High temperature and vapor pressure in the first case are provided with the potential of the heating steam (returny steam from the steam turbine at a temperature of 132 degrees and pressure of 0,3 MT moves; low temperature of boiling and depression in the last case are supported due to supply of juice vapors from this case on the barometric condenser.

Syrup along with sucrose contains not sugar, unextracted in the course of purification of juice and again formed in the course of a condensation. At crystallizing out of sucrose mix of crystals and intercrystal solution is formed (): not sugar will collect in intercrystal solution. Not Sahara complicate sucrose crystallization, increasing viscosity of solutions. At a certain ratio of sucrose and not sugars process of crystallization becomes impracticable.