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they cannot be connected to exits of algoblok. On these entrances it is possible to set only constants. Treat these algorithms, for example: WINES, IVA, IVB, (for the last two algorithms the specified restriction belongs only to entrances on which number a contour is set.

In the controler at the same time for all its algoblok one of two ranges is set: younger or senior. In the younger range in each algoblok it is individually possible to choose one of two time scales: seconds or minutes. In the senior range in each algoblok it is individually possible to choose one of two time scales: minutes or hours. Time of a cycle is set odinaovy for all algoblok of the controler. This time can be determined in the range of 0,2-2 S with a step 0,2 S. At change of time of a cycle other parameters do not change.

The specified communications are cancelled not only at change of number of algorithm, but also at change of value of the modifier or time scale. Therefore if it was changed though one of the specified algorithm parameters all communications for its entrances and exits have to be restored.

After zeroing there is available only the first algoblok. After any algorithm is entered into it (including the "empty" algorithm with the code 0 available becomes the second algoblok.. . After any algoblok is filled with algorithm, it is possible will return to an algoblok with smaller number and to change in it algorithm. Thus, after zeroing it is possible to fill algoblok only in a row, since the first algoblok. If any algoblok need to be reserved for the subsequent expansion of algorithmic structure, it is necessary to bring algorithm with a code 0 in them

NOTE: (*) 1 and 2nd ranges of the parameters connected with real (item 3 and, is set at setup of all controler in general i.e. at the same time for all its algoblok. In ranges this or that time scale gets out at control individually for

Similarly for the N 2=#Ïa2i i=1 RAM Free regional awns of OZU1 and OZU2 are represented by not used resource. When programming the controler it is necessary to watch that the memory size occupied by the involved algorithms did not exceed the OZU1 and RAM resources the General resource of memory: OZU1-2300 of bytes; OZU2-2680 of bytes.

Mistakes it is displayed only in the controler at which the receiver chain is broken off. To ring out a chain of the receiver and communication line, connecting the receiver of this controler to the transmitter of the previous controler and to eliminate break

To change any of these parameters via the interface it is impossible. In the command mode via the interface it is possible to request all parameters which are allowed to be requested in the information mode and besides, it is possible to change:

the vnost relating as to category of refusals, and mistakes. Information on mistakes is highlighted on TsI after pressing of a key "¦". On TsI it is displayed both number of mistakes, and a type of a mistake which in time arose the last. For viewing we press a key "/\" until the key is pressed TsI consistently around there are codes of mistakes in that order as they arose. If to release a key, information on the last mistake is output to TsI again.

it is necessary for storage of algorithm and information processing. Conditionally these obdost are designated by OZU1 and RAM values of parameters which do not register in PPZU, and in OZU2 the parameters which are written down in PPZU are stored In a regional awn of OZU1. Generally the memory size demanded