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Metal surfaces of all details have protective electroplated and paint and varnish coatings. Switches of the switchboard carry out installation of an article number and number of a subsystem. The first three cells of the RDM3-10 switch with marking "4 2 1" carry out installation of a code sign of a communication system, and other cells with marking "4 2 1 | 8 4 2 1" carry out installation of an article number according to the maintenance instruction

PUI RM-201 (weight 1,6 to is intended for a at 10 frequencies (channels) with division of 12,5 kHz, sensitivity makes 0,3. Food of 9 V (current of 25 m the accumulators recharged nickel-kadmiyoevye provide. Has non-volatile memory on 250 latest events containing information on date and time, identification number of a, a look (alarm, malfunction, the category of food).

The channel of allocation of frequency signs ("the Sign 3", "the Sign 4", "Griznak 5") consists of the strip summarizing USZ amplifier with the GVS generator, the KOMPAR comparator, the differentiating chain of DTs, the VZ, FNCh rectifier and three POUZ threshold devices, Pou4, POU

For application in modernized a product resistors of the Choice series PVG were chosen was made, proceeding from reasons of sufficient reliability and accuracy. PVG3 series resistors sufficiently meet the above-stated requirements.

For recognition of objects of the class "people" the Sign 1" thus by the qualifier consisting of RSCh SHU and R'as I is used ", definition of quantity of the arriving impulses with a certain period of their repetition is carried out.

EX. FS. Value of this code is maintained invariable for the period of information transfer. Information entrances of FS UPR are at the same time exits of FSPR, FSNO, FSKO, FSKR, FSNR shapers and a of frequency.