The Secret To Be A Better Thinker

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Though verbal symbols (words — the basic to a means for coding of the ideas intended to transfer we use also nonverbal symbols for broadcast of messages. In nonverbal communication any symbols, except words are used. Often nonverbal transfer along with verbal and can strengthen or change sense of words. An exchange of views, a look, for example, smiles and the expressions of disapproval raised in perplexity eyebrows, the live or stopped look, a look with approval or disapproval — all this examples of nonverbal communication. Use of a finger as ukazuyushchy finger, a mouth prikryvaniye a hand,, a sluggish pose also treat nonverbal ways of transfer of value (­.

The people who are not listening receive less information for adoption of the weighed decisions. To develop ability to listen, estimate the communication with other person after completion of conversation. Wonder what exactly you made effectively from a position of these 10 manuals. And then — in what have to be improved?

The head who used negative symbols of language of poses and gestures, maybe, actually wants to help subordinates the same as what symbols radiate heat. Words in both cases are said same. However in this case, as often happens in talk of people, nonverbal symbols completely suppress the verbal. An important conclusion from this example is as follows: it is necessary to achieve that the nonverbal symbols used by you for transfer corresponded to idea which you intend to report. Otherwise nonverbal symbols create such noise that recipients almost for certain will apprehend the message.

Further, in the form of the conclusion it would be desirable to give some advice, given by the famous American theorist of management Michael Meskon. These councils not only will help the beginning lawyer with further work, but also can serve as the theoretical management to any (even already taken place) to the head:

The empathy at exchange of information means also maintenance of an in conversation. Try to avoid early judgments, estimates and stereotypes. Instead, try to see, experience and understand a situation and problems in the context of the interlocutor. It does not mean at all that you should agree that the interlocutor speaks. It means only that you try to understand his words.

Installations can displace perception of people and influence their. If we have unsuccessful experience of interaction with certain workers or departments, most likely process of exchange of information is influenced by of people.