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This task is not easy and is not simple, the successful decision it, besides mastering equipment, tactics and a technique of investigative work, assumes also mastering art of the logical analysis, ability to operate with concepts.

For the best explanation of the logical nature of a conclusion in conditional conclusion it is necessary to tell about features of conditional dependence between the phenomena and about the conditional judgments which are reflecting this dependence and acting as parcels in conclusion.

As each subject owing to its qualitative definiteness represents set of the properties interconnected and causing each other, with similarity of two subjects in uniform signs logical transition to new thought that these subjects are similar and in others, the signs which yet are not investigated is quite thorough. However, this conclusion in most cases draws only the probable conclusion as possibility of opposite judgment is not excluded, however and it renders valuable service in such form.

In that case when one of parcels is conditional judgment, and other parcel - the categorical judgment in which that is told in the basis or a consequence of a conditional parcel is claimed or denied, takes place conditional and categorical umozaklyucheniye:10

Such conclusion in the form of which generalization when on the basis of the repeating sign at separate subjects or the phenomena the conclusion about its belonging to all phenomena defined klassa.3 is drawn proceeds is called inductive

Such certain private judgments, accumulating knowledge concerning behavior of people and the usual relations between the phenomena, have character of reliable judgments, in them accessory to the majority of subjects of any certain sign is precisely and definitely fixed.