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I tried to write a critical analysis essay

The course of advertizing process can be controlled practically at each its stage, considering indirect signs of wellbeing or the appeared difficulties. For example, it makes sense to pay special attention to opinions of the personnel, buyers or clients about advertizing and its results, to watch number of requests for delivery of goods or requests for additional information, to analyze the reasons of their emergence and a role in it advertizing.

Information received thus represents for the advertiser a valuable source of data for work on improvement of advertizing both regarding the text and graphics, and from the point of view of a choice of channels for its distribution.

systematic and objective collecting and the analysis of information on the problem connected with sales of products and the offer of services. Carrying out researches increases probability of application of the most effective marketing actions. Often researches undertake as reaction to the existing problem though marketing information can be used and as a basis for advance planning.

communicative activity, (including indirect advertizing), directed on formation of the harmonious relations with society, usually openly paid and used as addition to advertizing, carried out for the purpose of informing the public on firm, its goods, a gain of trust and formation of favorable image.

the general idea including advertizing idea, the advertizing argument, features of advertizing messages, justification of a choice of advertizing means, type and logic of an advertizing campaign taking into account marketing tasks of the advertiser.