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Management accounting of a production activity - the central link of system of management accounting. Here information on expenses on the purposes, functions and their behavior is grouped. The important place in the production account is allocated for rationing of costs - material, labor and overhead costs, to ways of reflection of the actual and standard costs. Thus the production account will be organized as uniform process of the accounting of expenses and calculation.

Essential element of an enterprise management system is management accounting. Characterizing essence of management accounting, it should be noted its major feature — management accounting connects management process with registration process.

also stimulate the personnel of the enterprise to taking measures to elimination of deviations, or to identification of potential problems in the future. The internal reporting will create a basis for increase of the system effectiveness of control and regulation which is carried out by managers.

Controlling - represents a control system of process of realization of an ultimate goal of the enterprise. It is concept very wide. In literature different authors give various definition to essence of controlling.