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Now we will consider paranormal properties of the person. For example, telepathy. As it can be connected with a biofield. Perhaps so. If round each organism there is the biofield, interaction of biofields of different people is possible. Biofields of different organisms can differ on some signs, for example with frequency. So scientific it is proved that the greatest telepathic compatibility is observed at one-egg twins. At such organisms of a biofield will be most similar if not to tell are identical. So as a result of this interaction of biofields information from a brain of one organism can transfer to a brain of another through a biofield. This way of information transfer is very interesting and can represent huge practical value.

The analysis of the processes connected with a biofield was carried out by the Doctor of Philosophy from institute of philosophy of Belarus A.K. Maneev. The structure of a biofield of the person is not discrete. According to Maneev: "In a biofield as complete quantum the discrete and differential structure is excluded by continual type of its structure. Thereby possibility of the biochemical and physiological processes peculiar only discrete material to the level of the organization is excluded in it also. The synthetic type of structure of a biofield as significantly complete and excluding an actual vydelennost of elements of the lowest order provides opportunity and realization of reflective and information processes of the reflective character caused by reaction of complete biofield quantum to any influence adequate to the range of "sensitivity" of a biofield".

The modern science proved existence at live organisms not only a physical body, but also a biofield in which information on all an organism is stored. Any its deformation will affect an organism immediately.

The essence of all told consists that only the wave, field structure can provide holographic character of a biofield. This structure is continuous or continual. If the biofield would consist of separate (discrete) elements, it could not carry out the functions. After all - gas, liquid, muscles - influence is from the outside transferred in discrete and material structures gradually from one part to another. And in a biofield all occurs differently: all system instantly reacts to any influence. Speaking about a field, we can speak and about quanta of this field. Speaking about a biofield, we can apply the term biofield quantum.

It was found also unambiguously out that between reaction of the high-frequency category and blood supply of cells of bark of big hemispheres (haemo dynamics the brain is available accurate communication. It was shown so: skin of the person in currents of high frequency reduced the luminescence in that timepoint when the tone of vessels of a brain raised, caused by intellectual tension. It confirms that fact that there is a unity in work of various elements, components of a regulatory power system.